Trade Port Noord

Trade Port Noord spans across 400 hectares and its position and layout have already proven to be a perfect location for logistics companies.

A unique location for companies

Trade Port Noord is a strategic prime location for companies founded on excellent establishment criteria. The area encompasses 400 hectares and offers the space for large-scale business activities for companies in the logistics, agri-food and manufacturing industry. Plots up to approximately 30 hectares are available on the business park that can be flexibly utilized. If you are interested to see which plots are still available, please feel free to contact us.

Greenport Venlo

European logistics hotspot

Trade Port Noord has been the number-one hotspot in the Netherlands and Europe for many logistics companies. Its exceptional accessibility and transport options offer a vast array of transport solutions to the main ports and the hinterland for established companies and newcomers. The logistics companies currently established here are active in the following sectors:

  • Fashion & life style

  • E-commerce

  • Electronics & spare parts

  • Medical technological products and services

  • ICT

At Trade Port Noord, we create a space for new ideas and are excited about helping you explore the possibilities to strengthen your market position. We are looking for a synergy between the companies to fill up these plots, so that they can strengthen one another economically and logistically.

Multimodal accessibility

Trade Port Noord is located between the large ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the European hinterland and distinguishes itself through its excellent accessibility. The area has advantageous connections by road, water, rail and air.

In 2018, construction will start on the largest inland rail terminal with a direct connection to the Trade Port Noord area in Venlo. This improves the connection with the Port of Rotterdam and with Asia through its connection to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This is just one more development with which Trade Port Noord establishes itself as a leading logistics hub.


JobCenter: finding the right people for the right jobs

In addition to a prime location, employees are also a determining factor for the success of an organization. We provide the support you need for laying a solid foundation for a successful business by helping you find the perfect employees via JobCenter Greenport Venlo.

JobCenter Greenport Venlo offers a wealth of benefits:

  • One partner for all your employee needs;
  • Access to the entire labour potential of the region;
  • Thorough selection based on knowledge, experience and conduct;
  • Fast and easy filling of your vacancies;
  • Effective detailing of your CSR policy.

You can find more information at Werkgeversservicepunt

Park management

The park management of Trade Port Noord is professionally organized. The park management manages the estate with a focus on the long-term maintenance of the quality of the site.

Together with established companies, we ensure that the property value is maintained and that the working environment remains pleasant.

“Together with established companies, we ensure that the property value is maintained.”

Established companies

Several companies are already established at Trade Port Noord in Venlo. Click on a logo for more information.

VS Rubber Recycling







NUNNER Logistics





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